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It's everything important about
Austin, Texas.
Local comedy, local music, local performers, local businesses...

If you can't party in Austin tonight, watch The Austin Variety Show. It's like a trip to the best place in the whole wide world... If you can party in Austin tonight, we're surprised you're sober enough to read this.

The Austin Variety Show is Austin's best Music, Comedy, Performers, and Audience Participation, videotaped with a Live Audience for Television.

The Austin Variety Show is created at Highland Mall, in the heart of Austin, Texas - and is made with the help of Austin's coolest businesses.

The Austin Variety Show was created by [austin swim]'s creator, Troy Dillinger, who's also an award-winning filmmaker and Austin musician.

The Austin Variety Show is videotaped with a live audience once a month, and tickets are available on this website. The live show's schedule is:

8pm - Doors Open

9pm - The show begins with an opening monologue

9:15pm - A Stand-Up Comedian that you've probably seen on Comedy Central

9:30pm - Live Music from Austin's best and most entertaining bands

10pm - Audience Participation Games & prizes - a different one every show:

  • The Real Live GAME SHOW - an adult-themed collection of + games and challenges for prizes and attention
  • The Mating Game - an adult spin on a tv classic
  • The Gong Show - austin's least talented people battle + each other (and the gong) for cash & prize
11pm - The Closing Act:
  • burlesque troupes - austin's finest naughty performers doing special numbers for the show
  • weird performance groups - everything from magic to musical theatre to comedy

  • ... Oh, and there's funny video segments between each act - with fresh new content for each show pulled from the headlines like fruit from a tree.   Comedy fruit from the news tree.

    and it's Sponsored by Austin's coolest businesses!